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Telecommunications Engineering & Drafting Consultant / Specialist


As an consultant I can offer you a strong balance of knowledge & experience in the areas of Telecommunications OSP & ISP Network Engineering (CATV & Telco Fiber), Design, AutoCAD Drafting, Project Management, CAD-GIS-OSP Standards, Asset Management, Data Management, & Workflow Processes, along with many years of Field Experience. This can be beneficial in the Engineering, Management, & Asset Documentation of many network infrastructures such as Power, Gas, CATV, Fiber, Telephone, Water, and Roadway.

I have Managed, Administrated, & Configured third party engineering & drafting software applications that operate within AutoCAD. These applications have included Lode Data Drafting Assistant, @MApp, and SpatialNET tools including the IDM module (
Inside Data Manager).

Additionally, I have been utilized in the role of Standards Documentation & Review. This has included the Defining / Maintaining / Training of AutoCAD Standards, Network Engineering Standards, Network Naming Standards, Drafting Practices, & Specialized Engineering Software Development.
I am confident I can bring these same skill sets, talents, and quality of workmanship to your company's projects.



CATV Design / Drafting / Management Experience,
Telephone Fiber Design Experience,
CATV Field Experience / Knowledge, both Outside Plant (OSP) & Inside Plant (ISP),
Fiber Optic, FTTx & Radio Frequency (RF) Design & Knowledge,
AutoCAD - Power User / Admin,
AutoCAD Map - Power User / Admin,
SpatialNET - Power User / Admin,
Cable Tools Design - Power User (image here),
Lode Data Experienced,
SQL Navigator Experienced,
Oracle SQL Code / Script Writing Experienced,
AutoCAD / Telecommunication Standards & Documentation,
AutoCAD Training,
GIS Standards & Documentation,
Project Management & Workflow Processes,
Data Integrity,
Microsoft Office Power User,
Highly detail oriented.



I'll bring you 30+ years of experience in the Telecommunications - CATV industry. This includes extensive AutoCAD, Engineering, CAD-GIS, Project Management, & Field experience in the areas of;
25+ years in CATV Network Engineering / Design (RF & Fiber) / Drafting,
20+ years in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Project Management, Workflow Processes, CAD System Admin, CAD-GIS-OSP Standards, CAD-GIS Training, Data Integrity, Asset Management, & Software Development,
17+ years in CATV field experience in OSP, ISP, RF, & Microwave.
15+ years in Fiber Optic Engineering / Design / Drafting, including SpatialNET Usage, Configuration, & System Administration.
8+ years in Data Management & Standards Documentation.

For the past 20 years, while still involved with Fiber & RF network design, I have also been involved with AutoCAD drafting, CAD-GIS mapping, capture & documentation of Network Assets, commonly known as system or network maps. This has included;
System Engineering / Design / Drafting,
Defining of AutoCAD Mapping Standards,
Network Engineering Standards,
Network Naming Standards,
Drafting Practices,
Data Integrity,
Asset Management,
Specialized Engineering Software Development,
Project Management & Workflow Processes.

From 1999 - 2018 Comcast also utilized me in the areas of AutoCAD Map & SpatialNET System Configuration, Administration, Project Management, and Workflow Processes. This was to support Comcast's national project to standardize & migrate all their network CAD maps, in various formats, into the third party platform of SpatialNET which operates in AutoCAD Map & Oracle.

I spent 17 years in the field with 17 of those years in some sort of technical capacity. This included the positions of Head-End Tech, Sweep / Line Tech, CLI Tech, Power Supply Tech, Service Tech, and everything in between. Thus this field experience includes both OSP & ISP telecommunications work.

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